Durapak cellular lightweight concrete blocks, reinforced with annealed steel wire mesh and polyproplene fibres, are engineered for optimal gully protection through high initial stiffness and a plat Load vs Deformation curve.




In The Stope

High E-Modulus (stiffness) at underground closure rates (1mm – 50mm per day)
  • Generates the required initial stiffness when deformed at slow loading rates.
  • Required support resistance is reached after only 1-2.5% closure
  • This ensures active support and early maintenance of strata integrity.
  • Does not creep and loses load at slow deformation
Designable yield load
  • Yields at predetermined loads.
  • Does not generate to much load, which may damage the roof or floor.
Druapak maintains post yield load during closure
  • No load shedding takes place during post yield.
  • Allows controlled closure of the workplace.
Constant low crushing strength, during rapid loading over a large deformation range
  • Durapak has the ability to reduce the impact of a rockburst. The mechanism of dissipating the kinetic energy serves to increase the deformation range, rather than increase the force generated. It therefore acts like a shock absorber during impact, not like a stiff spring.
  • This prevents damage to the surrounding rock mass during rapid closure.
Material properties are homogenous and nonbiodegradable
  • The performance is repeatable and not affected by time or hostile environments.
  • Ensures that all elements and structures behave in the same manner at all stages of closure.
100% surface contact between individual units
  • Ensures that no point loading occurs in the structure, as this will negatively affect all the above- mentioned properties.
Buckling stability during normal and rapid closure
  • The pack will not buckle when it is built according to specifications.
Fire resistant material
  • Non-combustible.

Durapak’s ideal load deformation characteristics